• The Jones Edmunds team truly takes the time to listen, be responsive, and care about doing the right thing for the County and the citizens we serve.

    – Judy S. Grim, PE, Road & Bridge Director, Volusia County
  • Jones Edmunds has been working for New River since our inception in the 1990s. They have worked tirelessly to help us become a launching point for innovative concepts in solid waste management.

    – Darrell O'Neal, Executive Director, New River Solid Waste Association (NRSWA)
  • Jones Edmunds was a team player and key partner in developing the City’s Stormwater Master Plan. In addition to their support with modeling, they recommended improvements and identified ways of integrating green infrastructure and low-impact development practices into our designs.

    – Poonam Kalkat, Assistant Utilities Director, City of West Palm Beach



These values are present in everything we do. Our projects often contribute to crucial infrastructure and environmental improvements that have a lasting effect on the communities we work and live in. It’s our responsibility to do the right thing for our people, our communities, and the environment – to work with integrity.


Sharing our knowledge with our clients and each other brings us closer to solving the engineering, infrastructure, utilities, and water resources challenges we face on a local and global scale. Through teamwork, productive collaboration, we are able to stand as one and make a difference, a positive impact, that has lasting effects in improving the quality of life for generations to come.


It’s our responsibility to serve in a way that promotes effective communication with each other and our clients – that stimulates and inspires positive growth that benefits generations to come. Whether it’s enhancements to a wastewater treatment facility, improving a watershed, or a plan to protect the environment, we’re determined to meet our clients needs with quality work.